Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pet words and phrases...

In your writing and speech, have you ever noticed phrases or words you use all the time?  I went to a retreat in Asheville, NC, this past May with The Wild Rose Press.  (Hi ladies!)  I discovered my pet word for the weekend was fabulous, oh and fantastic!  It felt as though I was using the word(s) in every response, every sentence--sometimes multiple times in the sentence.  I caught myself at one point and had to laugh.  I mean, if I'm using it in speech, chances are my writing is riddled with words and phrases I use all the time.

In my recent manuscript my pet words/phrases were: amber eyes (my hero's eyes were mention two dozen times); she/he nodded/sighed/shrugged/blushed... not pretty!  Yes, I've got to be much more aware when I write. But, hey, that's what editing and critique partners are for.  You know, I could make my pet words/phrases into a drinking game. Every time the hero shrugs, take a drink. Say fabulous or fantastic, do a double shot. :)

What about you? What are your pet phrases and words?

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Stacy Dawn said...

Ohhh I'd like that game LOL

My personal one is "that type of thing" as in you want to move or that type of thing.

Writing wise, it's "but" there is always buts all over the place LOL I often need kicked in the butt to avoid the buts