Friday, June 24, 2011

I believe we writers/authors (whatever title you want to give yourself) after we've become published have a responsibility.  We need to be mentors to those writers just starting their journeys. We have already gone through the process of writing, rewriting, submitting, rejections, and finally publication. We know what to expect, we experienced the gamut of emotions, we understand...

Never will I understand the attitude of you must struggle through this journey alone. Or if I see you as a threat, never would I try to dissuade you from following your dream.  I read a manuscript not long ago that I thought was really good. Yes, there needed to be tweaking, but rarely is a first draft NOT in need of tweaking. Another person read the same manuscript and their comments crushed the writer. They tore the story to shreds saying it wasn't realistic, they didn't follow the same rules the reviewer followed...just brutal.  I came to the conclusion that the reviewer felt threatened.  For every time they read a story that could possibly give them competition, they bash it.

I feel blessed to have been able to get my story out into the publishing world and have a contract.  I don't think I am the best writer in the world. I amuse myself with some of the ideas I've come up with--then again, if I don't like my stories why should I expect anyone else to?  But to tear someone down because you are afraid they will outshine you is utterly ridiculous.

If there is one thing I can do as someone who has gone through the process, I would like to be able to mentor my fellow writers.  I want them to know they are not alone, they never have to worry about asking for help. For those of us who attend local RWA meetings, never be afraid to lend a helping hand, or a reading eye, to someone who is struggling in the business. If we are not encouraging each other and supporting each other, how do we ever expect to succeed?

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