Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Migraines, wine and writing...

I've been trying most diligently to finish the next round of edits on my current work in progress. Unfortunately, this week has been slow going due to a lingering migraine. My boss thinks there is a magically cure to migraine, and my thought is short of cutting of my head, or becoming a man, nothing will help. So I chug down Excedrin and keep going.

So what does wine have to do with writing? Well, I find that when I drink a glass of wine while writing, it helps relax my mind enough to let me be free with my writing. I'm not constantly getting caught up on what someone might say about what I am writing. The words flow more freely. I can only imagine how free my words would be after several glasses.

Still no news from the agent, and I'm on week six. I'm a bit panicked--not because I'm worried about being rejected, but because I'm worried they didn't receive the partial. Only two more weeks and then I can send a calm email asking for receipt confirmation...and then it's off to notsopatiently wait for their response.

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