Friday, April 17, 2009

This morning I was going through my normal routine--getting dressed, makeup, hair, quick protein shake, scoop cat box, walk around car to climb in and...AAAHHHH!!! There staring me down was this gigantic brown UGLY!!! spider. I swear it was weilding a sword and shield and was taunting me. "You wanna fight, spider slayer, let's go!" I mean seriously!

So I scream like a scared little girl, run back around the car and grab my weapon...a broom. I tiptoe (yes, literally) back to the other side and take one step toward the spider. It of course takes off in the opposite direction so I'm chasing after it like a mad woman and it disappears. Now this spider is (no exageration!) 2 inches long and wide, so it should be easy to spot in a fairly uncluttered garage. It ran under my car so I took the opportunity to jump in the car and back out thinking I'll see it in the middle of the garage and I can get it with the broom or run it over. IT"S NOT THERE! The freaking thing totally disappeared. So now I'm worrying it's either going to tangle with my cat Susie who has no fear of attacking any kind of bug--poisonous or not--or it's hiding in my car somewhere ready to pounce on me the moment I get behind the wheel. Yes, I'm thoroughly traumatized!

So what is the point of this story? No point. Not really. I'm still wigged out over the thought how huge that thing was, and how my bug man can't get to the house soon enough to spray. **shivers**

So, on the writing short story was rejected by the magazine I subbed to, and another short was rejected by Harlequin. Both rejections I was totally fine with, and the story sent to Harlequin is now in the capable hands of The Wild Rose Press, for hopeful publication. I still have the partial with the agent, which is good, and I'm praying very hard and faithfully that they want to see the full manuscript. On the agent's website it says most queries are rejected at the query letter stage and those people don't get to submit partials. So I'm past the first road block. Of course I really want them to read the full manuscript before they reject me. Really. Read the full thing before you slice my dreams off at the throat leaving my life blood to drip all over the shiny tile floor in your plush corner cubicle...only then will I allow you to hang my severed head on a spike in your Hall of Rejects.

And on that happy note! LOL I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend. Enjoy the sun (or snow depending on where you may be) and play hard!

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