Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Newest Release!

Today Kiss Me By Moonlight was released by The Wild Rose Press. I'm so excited. Story number 6! You can find the story at


Lindsey Carter thought she’d found her Prince Charming in Brandon Thompson. When he pulls a vanishing act after their first date, her prince becomes a frog. However, Fate steps in. At a weekend conference, she gets a second chance to find out if Brandon’s a shining knight or a real croaker. Will playing hard to get earn her a victory in love, or will she be left seeing green?


They’d shared only one date, one dinner, and one kiss. One knock-your-socks-off kiss she couldn’t forget.

Lindsey pushed the button for diet soda, bent over and retrieved the cold can. So far, so good. She turned on her heel and strode back toward her friends. Brandon, she tried not to notice, was now standing, his back facing her pathway. She had a glorious view of his jean-clad tight rear. Longing coursed through her veins, but she ignored it and sneaked a peak at the back of his head.

Still turned away. Her heart dipped in disappointment. He hadn’t even noticed her.
Steeling her determination, Lindsey pressed on. She blew on the top of the can, puffing away dust and focusing on something other than the gorgeous specimen now standing just to her right. Her hand dropped to her side, just as he took a half step back.

His fingers bumped into her pinkie, briefly curling around the digit in the gentlest of caresses. The shock of the connection seared up her arm like a bolt of lightning. Lindsey fought not to react, to keep walking at a normal pace, despite every nerve ending begging to stay, to pull closer to Brandon. Her gaze shot up to gauge his reaction, but all she saw was his profile—firm jaw, straight nose and high cheekbones.

Had he tried to grab her attention? Lindsey bit back a snort of disbelief. He probably didn’t realize she was behind him. Nope, the touch was definitely unintentional.

Finally back with Tara and Shelly, she released a pent-up breath and her shoulders sagged. “I did it. I walked past him, and didn’t jump him. I did good.”

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