Friday, October 17, 2008

Shameless Promotions!!!

I am happy to announce that my newest short story Fearless Heart will be released for sale on October 22, 2008. I got the inspiration for this story after falling off a horse and earning my first concussion. And since I did it, why could Miranda do it too? Of course the man who picked me off the ground was a cowboy, he wasn't my cowboy, so I had to give her one of those too.

I also received my very first review on this story (stumbled across it actually). The review had an incredibly low score because the reviewer thought the story wasn't long enough to develop plot or characters, but she enjoyed the first part of the story. Well, if your biggest complaint is the story isn't long enough, I'm happy to hear that complaint.

I have to thank my crit partners Stacy, Jane, Marie and Natasha for helping me get this story ready for submittal. And I also have to thank my fabulous editor Stacy Holmes for her patience and hard work in making this story shine. I love you guys so very much, and am proud to call you my friends!

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