Friday, August 29, 2008

The Bell Has Sounded...

And millions of children/youth/adults are groaning. Yes, it is that time of year again. School started this week . And I am one of the many students who
walked back into the classroom this semester...Ok, so it was a cyber
classroom, but darn it I am going back to school. This semester I feel a bit like I'm cheating. My classes are Microsoft Office for Offices and Word Processing 1. Can you get any easier than that? Honestly, if I don't ace these classes, I should lose both my day job and my editing job. (But I won't tell my boss if you don't!)

This week has been a bit off for me. I missed work Monday and most of Wednesday due to nasty migraines (regular and sinus migraines), and it hasn't been pretty. My boss kicked me out of the office Wednesday, so I went home and even took work with me. I sat on my overstuffed comfy couch, turned on the television, had my work on my lap...and I woke up three hours later with the Cartoon Network on. I haven't watch CN for a very very long time, and I have no recollection of how the TV stopped on that particular channel. I think the cat stole the remote while I was sleeping.

How's the writing going for you all? I'm making some progress. I finished two synopsiseseseses (sure that's how you spell it! Don't argue with me, I'll send Her Evilness after you!) for two stories. I, of course, thought they were sheer genius, but then the other princesses did crits and reminded me that I'm delusional, and I need to rewrite/revise both synopsises (yeah, you can spell it like that too in Johannaland) before I even think of submitting them to a publisher.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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