Sunday, February 18, 2007

My cat stole my cereal!!

No seriously! I was sitting at my writing desk enjoying a nice bowl of strawberry frosted mini wheats, and my cat begged me to pick her up. Normally all she does is get on the lap and then jump off - she isn't much of a people cat. Well this morning, Miss Susie Q (Susie for short) got on my lap and promptly jumped on my desk and stuck her furry face in my bowl, proceeding to drink the milk from the bowl.

Okay, eeww!

My cat is the finickiest cat I've ever seen. She refuses to eat people food (for the most part) and will only eat Kit n Kaboodle hard food, and for moist food she won't eat anything other than Meow Mix shrimp and white fish. About a year ago she would only eat starkist tuna in water. I kidd you not!!

She has graduated onto granola, and she loves to lick the salt of my crackers. Takes away the appetite very quickly.


Danielle said...

Hehehe, sounds like my cat. She refuses to eat tun, drink milk and will only eat certain kinds of cat treats. Her preferred brand of cat food is friskies

but then she likes 'Nilla Wafer cookies...go figure

Stacy Dawn said...

LOLOL. I had the exact same cereal for breakfast this morning!