Sunday, February 18, 2007

Check out the Diva Bookshelf!

First I have to say...WOOHOO!!!! I DID IT! lol I actually figured out how to get the Diva Bookshelf thing to paste in my links. Whew!

Now availabe on the Diva Bookshelf is my very first short story "It's In His Kiss".

Is it possible to fall in love with someone without ever having seen their face? Emma Long didn’t think so, until she met Tyler Maxwell in an online cooking chat room.

Tyler knows in his heart Emma is the woman for him – he’s already in love with her and he could care less what she looks like – but she isn’t so convinced. Tyler proposes a meeting in Las Vegas, without exchanging pictures before hand. Emma is worried they won’t meet but Tyler believes their souls will lead them to each other. “And how do we know it’s real?” Emma asks. Tyler responds, “It’s in the kiss.”

“I’m really tired of this, Emma.”

Was he breaking up with her already? “Of what, our conversation?”

He breathed deep into the mouthpiece and she could have sworn she felt his breath ruffle her hair.

“Of not knowing you. I want to see the smile I hear on the phone every night. You’ve become my best friend but I don’t even know what you look like.”

For the first few weeks in the cooking chat room, he had only been a screen name. As they started emailing more, and finally talking on the phone, he’d become so much more. Yet they both balked at exchanging pictures.

She chewed on her lower lip. She, too, wanted to see Tyler, finally give him the hugs she had been sending via email; have dinner with him and talk face to face. “We could exchange pictures.”

“Still not enough.”

Of course it wasn’t enough, but with two thousand miles separating them what did he expect? “What do you suggest?”

There was a slight pause before he said, “I’m coming to Las Vegas next week.”

Emma’s heart skipped a beat and she gripped the phone tighter. He would be right here in her hometown.


“Um, yeah.” She plucked at the fringe on a decorative pillow.


Happy reading!


Danielle said...

I bought and read this story and it's a wonderful warm fuzzy! I got tingles down to my toes!

Stacy Dawn said...

I got tingles too Danielle!

'Bout time you got this blog going again :p

Anonymous said...

Ooh, heading to buy it. This weekend I'm catching up on all my pleasure reading.