Sunday, September 17, 2006

Okay it's Sunday September 17 and I have just returned from Tampa, Florida. Why would a Vegas girl be in Tampa, you ask? For my mother's wedding. GASP! I know, weird huh? Actually it was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom are very happy. There was a bit of stress flying, but isn't that the case in every wedding? I was a bit worried that I would be an emotional mess, but I kept my composer and didn't shed a tear until after the ceremony and the hubby came up to hug me. Drat the hubby for always being the one to trigger the tears. :)

Speaking of Mom's wedding...I actually got a story idea from the whole wedding thing. What do you guys think? The hero (Jeff for now) finds out that his mother has met a man through an online dating service. He has never met this man, and he is dead set against liking him. He flies home to Austin, TX, to meet his future step-father and, in addition to the step-father, he meets his soon to be step-sister. Well, neither child is happy about the upcoming nuptuals and in their fight to keep the marriage from happening they fall in love.

Yes, there are definite bugs to work out but for now I have just a basic idea.

Wow! I actually did my second post. And this time wasn't as nerve wracking as the first. Look forward to chatting with you soon.


writing_younger said...

So i created a name just so i could comment on your little site here... however ithink we could use this to keep in touch as wel as email maverick! lol... i'll post up here as well as my xanga... which i normally do regularly! woo hoo!!! lol.. CONGRATS!! on everything!!!! ummm and also the story sounds fasinating and a "must read" I lvoe it! well i miss ya and can't wait till the story comes out! Las Vega here I come! lol
love always

Stacy Dawn said...

Oh wow, that could be a very cool story!

Congratulations to your Mom!