Sunday, August 12, 2007

This morning I was cooking breakfast for myself and hubby, and as I was waiting for the sausage patties to brown, I sat down to my kitchen table to squeeze in a few moments of writing. Then hubby decided he wanted to air out the kitchen and opened the window...HOWEVER, he forgot to turn off the security alarm.

Let me just say, I have never ever seen my cat move that fast! The alarm squealed (loud enough to wake the neighbors) and Susie flew off the chair, tore around the corner and then up the stairs. I don't think she touched one step! Yes, I know, poor kitty, but watching her was the funniest thing. LOL okay, I guess you had to be there.

So what's new with me? Well, I have started blogging with four fantastic, talented writers (Stacy Dawn, Browyn Storm, Marie Peck and Jane Keegan). We call ourselves Princesses of the Pen. A little egotistical? Maybe. But when you get into the blog you'll find it appropriate.

Writing has been up and down for me of late. I finished a short story called 'Fearless Heart' that will be submitted to The Wild Rose Press Yellow Rose line. Even after four contracts, I'm still knee-knocking nervous to submit stories. I am also working on another short story, untitled so far.

Ugh, I've rambled enough. I've got to get cracking on editing. Have a great week everyone. And I hope you join us at Princesses of the Pen at .


Anonymous said...

Poor Susie. Maybe you should share your chocolate with her?

Jane said...

Good luck with the next submission!
And give that cat some chocolate (it's dogs that chocolate is bad for, not cats, right?).

Marie said...

Awww, poor kitty. Hope you're all doing great! I'm about whooped so I"m gonna call it a night...night all!!

Stacy Dawn said...

Aww, Susie cat!

Yay on the writing, can't wait to read them!!